What to Know About Looting and Roaming in PUBG?

When looting a building in PUBG game, some people recommend to use the first person by pressing V. However, some players and even I personally feel that you should use the third person. The reason is that in the latter case, you can use the camera. With the camera, you can view the corners of the room. It will help you to know whether there is any good loot before even getting into the building. It means that you can safeguard yourself even if an enemy is hiding in the building. When looting, you should have an ear out. The reason is that the safe zone might have started to reduce. So, you should make sure that you immediately get into it. When you enter small buildings, it is better to have an auto weapon or a shotgun. It will help you to still fight if you have to face an enemy.

You might have heard about care package in PUBG. It is something that is dropped onto the map at regular intervals during the matches. It can encompass a range of gear that ranges from equipment to weapons. However, you should remember that they are the riskiest as well. When you get near a care package, it is better to choose a high ground. Carefully watch before entering the care package. You should make sure that there is nobody hiding in the bushes. However, you need not have to give this much attention, if the care package is the first. Let us consider that you manage to find a care package within the initial 3-4 minutes of the game. In this case, it is normally uncontested. You can confidently get down and run with a gun without even bothering about reloading.


Player unknown battlegrounds esp are here when you roam, irrespective of whether you do it using a car or by walk, use LAlt. It will help you identify any enemies. When you are roaming outside, you can switch your weapons to semi. It will help you control the weapons at a distance. In case, you have a sniper, try not to use it when you are outside. However, if you find anyone at a distance, you can switch to it. It will help you still hold if someone tries to attack you from behind the covers. When you roam, it is better to make sure that you hide behind the covers. You should remember that slower and safer is better than faster and dangerous. In case you are low on time, you can use the X key to run at a faster pace. When you are roaming in a car, the Dacia is the second fastest. If you get an option, you can trade a buggy and a motorbike for UAZ and Dacia.

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