Where G-lish Works

G-lish is based in Bolgatanga, the capital of the Upper East Region, at the point of the red arrow at the top of the image. G-lish’s office is 4 kms from that point, east. This is about 800 kilometres north of Accra, the capital. Many people in the Upper East have never traveled outside the region.

Ghana Map

G-lish is at the red arrow on the top right next to Burkina Faso. The capital is 800 kms south at the bottom arrow.

Bolgatanga’s distance also means that significant investment rarely reaches this part of Ghana, so reliable jobs are difficult to find.

In the Upper East Region illiteracy is over 76% and more than 90% of the population survives by subsistence farming, living hand to mouth, depending on the rains and climate.

Meeting basic needs such as getting enough food to eat every day, finding somewhere comfortable and safe to sleep, being able to buy more than one or two sets of clothes, buying basic schooling materials, is a genuine struggle.

Only 4% of the population has achieved higher education. The majority of the population stops their education during primary school.

The need for sustainable, long-term income generating projects in the Upper East Region is absolutely urgent. This is why G-lish exists.