Please feel free to read the various updates and reports from G-lish Foundation’s activities.

Report on Global Day to Stem Desertification and Drought

G-lish Foundation and the Dulugu Youth Association marked the United Nations’ Global Day to Combat Desertification and Drought–June 17–on Sunday, June 19, with a tree planting exercise in Bolgatanga, Upper East Region of Ghana. Read more.


Report on G-lish Green Clubs

The G-lish Green Club project is a platform for school youths to meet, develop their skills, share information, and take practical actions like tree planting in protecting our planet and its resources to mitigate the impact of climate change.

So doing, they benefit on a personal level by connecting and networking, building relationships, sharing knowledge and working together to achieve environmental regeneration, and the realization of the MDGs through practical environmental activities. Read more on the G-lish Green Clubs report.


Report on G-lish Savings Workshop for Producers

This activity is part of G-lish’s core programme area: Income Generation, specifically: Training in money management practices and formalizing “susu” saving groups. Savings serves as a safety net for families and households during emergencies and helps everyone to accumulate wealth that will support their lives.

G-lish Foundation held a savings forum on Friday, May 27, 2011 at the Dulugu Primary School for the women and youth involved in the G-lish Income Generating Project. Read more on the Report on the G-lish Savings Workshop for Producers.


Report on SEED Init Award and Workshop in Accra

This report discusses the 2-day workshop that was part of the SEED Init 2010 Award and was held in Accra in March 2011 after 6 months of online/distance mentoring from SEED mentors. Here is a short excerpt from the report. Read more on the Report on SEED Init Award and Workshop in Accra, 2011.


Report on How to Start an NGO in Ghana

This is a free, 10-page, downloadable PDF document you can save or keep on your desktop. The report covers how to write a vision and mission for your NGO, as well as how to establish and NGO or Non-profit in Ghana. Read the report on How to Start an NGO or non-profit in Ghana.